IT Support

PC/Laptop installations – New or upgrades

  • New PCs/Laptops unboxed & setup in your desired location
  • Software installation
  • Ensure Internet connectivity
  • Printer set up printing

Broadband setup – New setup or migration from one ISP to another

  • Advise on Broadband connectivity and the options
  • Unbox and locate ISP router where desired
  • Ensure router connects to the internet
  • Ensure all PC/Laptops in the home can access the internet

Wireless installations – We all use wireless devices now!

  • Advise on wireless connectivity
  • Configure wireless routers/access points
  • Connect all wireless devices

Increase your network security – Keep the hackers out!

  • Encrypt wireless connections
  • Hide your router’s SSID (Security Identifier) so that casual hackers cannot easily see your network identifier, and to keep unwanted visitors away from your network.
  • Only allow your own personal devices connectivity to your router
  • Teach you how to manage your own security

Virus Removal – Doctor Doctor!!!

  • Virus identification
  • Removal and deep clean to registry level
  • Advise on prevention
  • Free programs to keep you clean!

Adware – Spam, spam, spam, spam…

  • Removal and deep clean to registry level
  • Advise on prevention
  • Free spam removal tools

Troubleshoot software issues – Programs not working properly?

  • Assist in diagnosing program issues
  • Fully delete unwanted programs

Troubleshoot hardware issues – The famous Blue Screen Of Death?

  • Advise on hardware problems