Data Recovery Essex


Is this your current hard drive?Data Recovery Essex

Is this your worst IT nightmare? The PC/laptop you've used on a daily basis since you bought it all of a sudden develops one of the following symptoms

  • Turns on but says there is no hard disk
  • Won't load Windows
  • Will not switch on at all

So now what do you do? You have all your business files, music, photos and videos stored on your hard disk with no or little backup to restore from. Panic starts to set in as you get that sinking feeling as you realise all those files you had are no longer accessible – some important to your business, others for sentimental reasons These are the shocking statics: 70% of UK businesses that suffered a catastrophic data loss were closed within 18 months.  (Department of Trade and Industry). 43% of companies experiencing disasters never recover.  (London Chambers of Commerce & Industry). 93% of businesses that suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within 1 year, 50% immediately. (British Chamber of Commerce ICT Report). Ok, sit down, take a deep breath and give me a call!! At present I have had a 100% success rate in recovering client data and I charge an incredible low price of £150 which includes a £75 investigation fee regardless of how long the recovery takes