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Customer Reviews

Given by Colin White, Recognition Express Romford on 23.5.14

I'd like to say a big thank you to Lee Westrap of Bulldog IT Services. (IT Support Basildon)
We have a laptop at home, completely knackered! Switch it on and we could not even log in – not even the blue screen of death! It was heading for the dustbin until Lee took it in his capable hands and, a few days later, our laptop has risen from the ashes and is operating like it was on the day we bought it.
That's save us the price of a new machine – £400 or £500 maybe?
That's not all. Lo and behold, my business worktop then picks up a virus. The lesson here is – if it's in your spam folder it's there for a reason. Don't open it and then click on the link it contains because you think that maybe it's about a delivery your customer is expecting today…..
Anyway, Lee painstakingly took me through the journey of finding and installing the right software programmes – all free software, by the way – to seek out and destroy the nasty blighter.
When my clumsy attempts to run the programmes successfully came to nought, he kindly took my machine away and the very same day he'd done the business. All nasty bugs destroyed and Recognition Express Romford breathing a sigh of relief. 
Being an expert in his particular field, I think Lee didn't find it too hard to solve the problem. The thing is, he didn't have to tell me that! I reckon if I'd taken that problem to somebody I didn't know and trust, it could well have cost me a packet.
Thanks, Lee – like the bulldog you are dedicated, reliable and pugnacious \(in the best sense of the word!).
Colin White
Recognition Express Romford

Given by Gavin Perrett, Liddle Perrett on 28 May 2014

Hi Lee,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance that you gave my team after some recent computer issues. You were helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly quick. You made our issues seem simple and the solutions were comprehensive and understandable. Its great to have someone that can sort out our computing issues remotely without baffling us and vitally get the offending computer back on line and working. 
Thanks once again Lee. Naturally we will recommend your services without hesitation.
Best wishes,
Gavin, Liddle Perrett Ltd

Given by Gail Thompson, HSH Solicitors on 13 June 2014

We called on Lee to help with a longstanding issue we were having with a PC at the office, which our present IT providers were struggling to deal with remotely. Lee spoke to me on the phone and talked me through working on some systems to see if he could dial in and remotely fix the problem, but when it was clear he could not deal with this, he offered to look at the computer that evening. he was subsequently able to come down to the office at relatively short notice and undertook a general IT audit as well as helping to restore the computer.
Lee was also able to discuss and explain problems about the computer and also to explain system requirements for the office in a very clear and jargon free way.
Both I and Hazel were impressed by Lee's attitude and work ethic and are very grateful to him for all of his time and attention in assisting us in dealing with this issue and installing and networking an additional computer.
Hazel says he was a star!
Gail Thompson HSH Solicitors

Given by Neil, Ellison Electronics on 24 June 2014

We have been working with Lee for a number of years & have recommended him whenever we can!
In our experience, he is proactive, very good with deadlines & will make sure that your needs are met & exceeded.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details….
Lee manages to quickly & effectively translate our ramblings into a logical sequence of steps which provides a plan of action with which to achieve what we need.
Bottom line: Bulldog IT provide a great service, reasonable rates & the response times are second to none.